Frequently Asked Questions

Aspiring Firefighter or Paramedic?

Most participants in our advanced courses are applying for positions as firefighters or paramedics. Although many municipalities do not require Advanced First Aid, it can be the certification that sets you apart from the competition.

More FAQs
Q: Are Your Courses Red Cross courses?
A: Yes, we are a Red Cross Training Partner, offering Red Cross First Aid and CPR courses; these are Red Cross courses.

Q: Where are the courses held?
A: Courses are held in Burlington, Oakville and Mississauga. You can see all of our course locations and view Google Maps here.

Q: I do not feel comfortable paying by credit card on-line; what other payment methods can I use?
A: We accept cheque or E-Transfer ahead of the course date.

Q: Do I need a Paypal account to pay by credit card?
A: No, you do not need to have a Paypal account; you can use any credit card to make payment securely using the Paypal system.

Q: Is it safe to pay by credit card on-line?
A: Paypal is the most recognized and secure method of on-line payment. To date, we have never had a bad or fraudulent transaction.

Have more questions? Call Justin at (647)449-5297, or email justin@responderfirstaid.ca


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